Ensure flawless move in execution to your new premise

Ensure seamless transition to new premises with risk-free migration services

Migrating your IT assets to a new data center is a task that requires utmost precision. It involves thorough analysis and assessment of the new premises and your equipment before the migration. A lackadaisical migration attempt entails the risk of equipment damage, additional costs and/or severe operational and reputational disruptions. With us, you get comprehensive migration services in a controlled environment under the supervision of specialists with years of experience. From simple to complex migrations, Nxtra ensures turnkey deployments from start to finish.

End-to-end service for any type of migration


Experience migration efficiency and precision from day 1 with our experts defining goals and identifying all stakeholders for you after thorough assessment and audit of the IT environment. From assessing the premises to labelling each device, you can rest assured that every step and move will be made with rigorous care.

Planning and Optimisation

Get the most out of your new data center with our optimisation-oriented designing, review and validation of the physical layer of the architecture. We have a consultative approach to ensure you get optimum benefits of the migration.

Development and Validation

Ensure all prerequisites per the final deliverable are appropriately deployed in your new data center and all stakeholders are timely informed about each step. We not only facilitate migration per your preference but also ensure that everything is streamlined to deliver desired results.

End-to-End Management

Enjoy a totally hands-off migration experience as we take care of the entire migration process from planning and stakeholder communication to seamless execution, governance and escalation. Get comprehensive and integrated services that will let you sit back and fine-tune post-migration business strategies.

How you benefit

Unlock opportunities

Data center migration is your first step towards expanding your capabilities to seize new opportunities. With a perfectly executed migration, your IT infrastructure will be ready to take the load of potential business scopes that would have otherwise been out of reach.

Save shadow costs

A well thought and executed data center migration results in substantial ongoing cost savings. Due to a streamlined and optimised environment for your IT workload, you save by eliminating unnecessary space occupation, excess energy consumption and so on.

Increase efficiency

Consolidate all your data management systems and say goodbye to data sprawl that hinders your business growth. A well planned migration allows you to not only realise your current business expansion targets but be ambitious in the long term as well.

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