Custom built security & fit outs to meet your elastic needs

Agile and integrated services to set up your mission-ready data center

Data center acts as the backbone of your entire technology suite. You can’t afford to subscribe to standard offerings to gain competitive advantage or adhere to the compliance needs of the industry. That is why Nxtra assures of built-to-specification colocation services for businesses of any size and in any industry. From design to build and integration to maintenance, you get end-to-end service from us so you can dedicatedly focus on your business strategies.

Bespoke offerings for all your business needs

Cages and Cabinets

Upgrade security protocols by subscribing to technically advance and superior-quality cages and cabinets to host infrastructure with minimal maintenance. It helps to start with a flexible configuration along with an additional dedicated layer of security, meeting your compliance and operational needs without maintenance hassles.

CCTV and Access Control

Opt for the technology and service of your choice and get it integrated seamlessly to your existing workflows for a real-time, transparent and extended view. Impose your own access policy for your dedicated environment to achieve better control, checks and logs for analysis.

Mechanical and Electrical

Ensure consistent performance of critical infrastructure by powering and conditioning your IT systems with dedicated and redundant MEP components. Share and get power and cooling components delivered as per your short-term and long-term IT expansion plans for optimal results.

Intelligent BMS and Building Automation

Stay updated with the functioning and performance of your data center 24x7 by getting the minutiae details of every component. With real-time utilisation trends and alarms, you can proactively monitor power, cooling, security and other critical environmental parameters, and thereby take timely, informed and effective decisions.

How you benefit


Deploy, modify and scale your data center the way you want to. Increase efficiency and service reliability with a custom-built environment for your infrastructure.

Peace of mind

Relieve your mind of safety and security concerns. Set up your data center with best-in-class security infrastructure and protocols that meet all regulatory and compliance requirements. Also, get your unique security protocols implemented in addition to our existing measures.

Cost savings and hassle-free

Save costs by leveraging state-of-the-art Nxtra resources, optimised and deployed for the specific needs. Get the best industry professionals to work for you, for hassle-free end-to-end setup services.

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