Secure, scalable & sustainable space to power your digital needs

Your own extended infrastructure

Your business success depends squarely upon the efficiency and uptime of your data center. With Nxtra colocation offerings, you get secure, scalable & sustainable hyperscale parks with industry leading uptime. We design and deliver large white space footprints quickly and can scale to accommodate the dynamic requirements of your business. Built-in compliance with the global standards, our colocation offering includes everything your business needs. You can now dedicatedly focus on accelerating your business success and leave the hassle of data center management to our specialist professionals.

Colocation offerings for all your business needs

Cages and Cabinets

Get a portion of our resilient, secured and ready-to-onboard white space. Simply specify your requirement and get a cage or cabinet that suits it.

Private Suites

Opt for a floor or subfloor along with electrical, mechanical, security and control provisions exclusively for your enterprise.

Power Shells

Purpose built ready-to-move-in dedicated building with built-in redundancies & sustainable practices, offering flexibility on mechanical, electrical & automation setup to enable your digital dreams.

Dedicated Data Center

Scalable multi tower data center parks which are designed, built, and operated as per your intrinsic need by our certified and skilled teams.

How you benefit

Security & compliance

Fulfill your industry-specific regulatory protocols with our security best practices, multi-level authentication for access and purpose-trained security staff deployed 24x7.

Connectivity & reliability

Integrate, aggregate and exchange traffic across IP, Cloud and Content ecosystem with deterministic latency leveraging the capabilities and resources of one of India’s leading telecom network.

Efficiency & growth

Efficient green energy and PoD based design with an overlay of economies of scale help you achieve improved TCO and business growth.

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