Maximize efficiency and avoid downtime with 24X7 support

Your extended team for data center operations onsite

Using a data center entails managing dynamic upgrade cycles, augmentations and fresh deployments, constant monitoring, prompt troubleshooting and an array of related activities. When your critical infrastructure is on third-party premises, performing these routine and ad hoc activities becomes a huge challenge. The situation exacerbates in circumstances of limited mobility, odd hours of the day, natural disaster and man-made external disruptions.

With our support services, you can focus more on your core business and leave important tasks – both ad hoc and routine – to the expertise of our always-available, skilled and trained professionals. Our portfolio of support services includes all sorts of peripheral tasks and activities you’d ever need to keep your data center always up and running and build a highly optimized, efficient and scalable digital environment.

End-to-end support services for your data center

24x7 Remote Hands

Get certified and experienced professionals to take care of your routine data center jobs that are not so technical. Ensure maximum uptime and business continuity with 24x7 monitoring and maintenance of your assets and rapid incident resolution from our on-site support engineers.

Racking and Stacking

Stack your infrastructure components the way that best suits your requirements. Our support team timely performs the racking, stacking and related activities on your behalf with diligent adherence to the industry best practices.

Workspace, Storage and Vault Space

Get secure, conditioned and dedicated onsite space to place your team close to the deployment. We also provide shared/dedicated secure spaces for your vaults and permanent storage requirement within data center. These spaces are purpose-built and at key locations onsite to support your critical operations and high availability requirements.

How you benefit

Maximize availability

Our qualified team of rapid response, 24x7 on-site technicians who work cohesively as your extended team members, ensures that mission-critical infrastructure and functions are always up and running, round the clock, every day of the year.

Cost optimisation

Optimise your operational budget by cutting out the frequent site visits and travelling to data centers to run basic services or physical inspection. Our highly-trained technicians ensure that all your requirements across the spectrum are serviced as per SLAs and response times.

Operational sustainability

Get sustainable data center infrastructure with our comprehensive set of support services always available to keep the lights on during the most testing times of limited access, natural calamity, immediate attention or any similar situation. We work towards making an “always-on” services a reality for our customers.

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