Seamlessly connect, bridge & integrate your infrastructure

Power your business for growth with scalable, hyper-connected data center infrastructure

Optimum functioning of your IT infrastructure depends on seamless integration between all its components – physical and virtual, onshore or offshore. In a world where quintillions of data are exchanged round-the-clock and multiple business-critical transactions occur every millisecond, secure and flawless connectivity between your resources is imperative. Airtel’s interconnection offering binds all your critical disparate environment into a unified, future-ready infrastructure.

Interconnect offerings for all your business needs

Cross Connect

Get fast, resilient and secure integration of all your IT assets within the same building. Enjoy high reliability and low latency with our wired interconnections.

Campus Connect

Fulfil your growing business requirements by expanding your interconnections within the same Nxtra premises. We assure you of fast, redundant and secure interconnection.

Metro Connect

Expand your horizon by accessing ecosystems outside your colocation site. Get telecom-grade interconnection between multiple deployments on two or more premises within the same city.

Cloud Connect

Establish a hyper-connected ecosystem by harnessing global public and hybrid cloud through direct, dedicated, physical and/or virtual interconnection.

How you benefit

Flexible architecture

Create secondary and tertiary sites to get the redundancy your business needs to meet your customers’ expectations. Ensure zero data loss with multi-site-single-location and multi-site-multi-location options.

Competitive 'edge'

Empower your infrastructure with edge computing and related solutions to maximise transaction speed and reduce the workload on your core systems. Nxtra interconnection seamlessly accommodates your edge-computing resources irrespective of their numbers and locations.

Hyper-connected ecosystem

Expand your synergies strategically with Nxtra’s diverse partner ecosystem across CDN, Cloud, peering exchanges etc. With our low latency, borderless and elastic infrastructure, we make your business digital-first and future-ready.

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