Connect to a better tomorrow

Our ambition is to be a responsible corporate, sustainably creating value for all stakeholders, in a way that is environmentally conscious, socially responsible and governance-led.

When we connect on a deeper level, a better tomorrow constructs organically

Before technology connected us all, everything was already interconnected. Genuine connections with people and the planet foster a feeling of accountability, where reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring equity and inclusion for all is the right thing to do, and not just because it makes good business sense.

This belief powers our work when we enable digital transformations for our clients and it is also the belief that pushes us to transform our own products, processes and operations to build a cleaner and sustainable future for all.

Our sustainability actions are aligned to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

ESG Framework

Nxtra has embarked on its ESG journey, adopting the global best ESG practices and amplifying long-term value creation for its stakeholders. With our learnings, we understand the gravitas of the opinion of our internal and external stakeholders in developing and driving a meticulous program.


  • Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction
  • Waste Management
  • Water Efficiency


  • Talent Attraction and Human Capital Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Health and Well-being
  • Corporate Citizenship and Community Development


  • Information Security and Customer Data Privacy
  • Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
  • Enhancing Customer Experience and Satisfaction
  • Regulatory Compliance

Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction

Developing a climate change adaptation and mitigation strategy to create a future ready climate resilient infrastructure

FY 23 Performance

  • Achieved a 58% increase in renewable energy use in FY23 compared to the previous fiscal year.
  • Reduced operational emissions by 5% across Scope 1 and 2 from FY21 baseline.
  • First data center operator in India to install solid oxide fuel cell based captive power plant.
  • Secured “IS0 50001:2018” (Energy Management System) certificates for all core DCs.


  • To reach net zero by 2031
  • To increase Renewable Energy share by 70% in the overall electricity mix
  • 10% reduction in PUE by FY 2025, with base year as FY 2021

Waste Management

Adopted the 3R approach of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to minimize the digital detritus generated while delivering uninterrupted services to our customers.

FY 23 Performance

  • 3,478 tonnes of waste disposed off to authorized recyclers and vendors.


  • Attain 100% landfill diversion rate in the next five years
  • Enhance waste categorization, reporting, and maintaining 100% waste-related regulatory compliances

Water Efficiency

Incorporating sound water management practices through efficient use of STPs to recycle water and monitor water footprint to enable DC to become Zero Liquid Discharge DCs

FY 23 Performance

  • Hyperscaler campus in Mumbai III has been designed for Zero discharge.


  • To become ‘Water Neutral’ by attaining 100% wastewater recycling in its hyperscale DCs.
  • Track and improve Water Use Efficiency (WUE) in hyperscale DCs through technological interventions.

Key ESG Highlights

Renewable Energy

Employee Health and Well-being

Corporate Citizenship and Community Development

Awards and Recognition

Annual ESG Reports